Abandoned Homes

What is the process for dealing with abandoned mobile homes in a park? I just acquired a park that has 2 abandoned homes, and the current manager tells me that they have searched for the owner to no avail. Are there some procedures that may ultimately allow me to apply for title to these homes?

State laws will dictate the process. Try posting your state and you may find someone here who can point you in the right direction. Also try and read the statutes online.

This is a process you will not want to take someone’s word for. Be sure you know exactly how to handle the process according to your state’s laws.

You may find that even though it is state law, each county may have a slighlty different process but who knows.

Good luck.


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Thanks Tony, the park is in Macon, Georgia. Any insight would be helpful.


E-mail your questions to Steve Case. I believe he lives in Macon and has owned MHPs there

Sue, I have a NADA title and registration book that outlines the procedure required email me at shawnsisco@hughes.net - I’ll scan this page and email it back to you.


There is a process that you go through with the DMV to get a new title. It takes about 90 days and it similar to a “quiet title” procedure used in the stick-built industry.

Email me and I’ll give you details. Congrats on your MHP purchase, I used to own two parks in Macon.


Alabama has a specific law, and procedure detailed therein, for the treatment of manufactured dwelling units installed on manufactured dwelling community owners’ lands. You may contact Ms. Vickey Coleman, at this phone number, and she will mail to you the ACT No. 2003-576. You may also email her at .....vcoleman@alamha.org or visit the site of AMHI.


Note that the new Alabama Landlord/Tenant law has improved the bill by only allowing 14 days to pass without notice being given by the tenant to the manufactured dwelling owner for it to qualify as possible abandonment.


I intend to run three thru this next month in my local county courthouse, and by the book to the T. Will keep you posted on how it happens here. Good luck with your ensuing acquisitions of possible income producing assets already installed on your land. grin