Abandoned Homes in Purchase

I have a 22 lot MHP under contract in Texas. However there are 6-8 homes on the park that are abandoned but the previous park owner never took ownership of the homes. What is the best way to get ownership of the abandoned homes?

In Texas you can apply for title with an Affidavit of Abandonment.

Look at the TDHCA website under the MHD (Manufactured Housing Division). They have the forms and instructions you will need. Try this too: Statements of Ownership and Location.

It will require factual proof of abandonment, you will have to mail certified letters to the title owner and lienholders, and submit the proof that you mailed them (the “green card” return receipt of mailing), and you will have to swear an affidavit on the TDHCA form (or another similar).

You can also check out the texas MHA (http://www.texasmha.com) for more info.