Abandoned Homes In My Parks

I have several abandoned homes in my parks. None of them have any debt on the and none of them are worth much but might be worth fixing up since it is so hard to find uses homes these days. The amount of rent owed on all of them far exceeds their value and the owners just disappeared to locations unknown.

Do you know the basic procedure for getting title to them? They are in NE and IL. I’ve talked to counties and the DMVs but no one had a clue. I talked to the attorney in IL, the only one in town who handles evictions and he had no clue.

It looks like Nebraska uses a “Storage-Repair Lien” process.

For Illinois:

rtopr23 (1).pdf (179.7 KB)
rtopr26.pdf (77.6 KB)

Follow the Illinois Secretary of State’s “bond for title” procedures. You complete some paperwork, give them a bond, and they give you a title. After 3 years, if nobody shows up claiming the mobile home was theirs, you get the bond back.

Good luck.

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Wow! Thanks. What search terms did you use to find that?

In most states there are much quicker ways to gain ownership. Join your states MHP Landlord association. They’ll have the 411.

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I don’t know about your state laws, but in Maryland, if you can’t get a title for the home, first you have to go to court against the tenant and get the tenant “evicted”. Once the tenant has been evicted, you have to foreclose on the trailer and actually have an auction. Of course, you are the only person who will bid on the trailer…in the unlikely event anyone does show up at the auction, they would have to be park approved to buy it and also start paying rent immediately. once you have gotten title to the trailer, you can start work on it or get a demo permit and have it removed. The entire process takes about 4 months. I have a woman that I have hired who charges me $400 plus court costs to do the entire thing.

I found all this information in about 5-10 minutes of searching Google.

Terms “warehouseman’s lien sale, mobile home title transfer, abandoned vehicle” plus the state.
Once you figure out how a home is registered in each state you can search how to do a transfer. I have yet to find a state that does not have some process for unilaterally transferring abandoned homes.


I spent a lot on time on Google but could come up with nothing. I never heard the term warehouseman’s lien sale before. You have to have the right key to turn the lock.

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