Abandoned Home on My Lot - Now Surrendered/Possessed by Mortgage Company

We had a tenant abandon a relatively new home in good condition and the lienholder recovered possession. We are allowing them to market it in the park with 4 months of free lot rent because that is less expensive than bringing in a new home. They agreed in writing to pay 2 months of back rent that the prior tenant owed. We invoiced them and now the asset manager (mortgage company) does not respond to calls/texts/emails and will not confirm receipt of the invoice. I am concerned that they are not negotiating in good faith and may very well just move the home while we have been giving them free lot rent in the meantime. Should we file a lien? The mortgage company did not sign a new lease.

Why don’t you purchase the home for what is left on the lien? If it is in good condition, you could sell it for a hefty profit. This will put money in your pocket, and keep the home in the community.

That would have been our preference but they wanted significantly above book value for the home. They did not disclose what is left on the lien. New homes are selling for $60,000, and the lienholder is trying to sell this home, which is ~10 years old for $55,000.

A 3 day notice may get their attention

Thanks so much for the advise.

Remember u hold all the cards,def wouldnt have given them free lot rent…why would u? they wont move it for 350-450 per month. if u cut the grass charge them for that as well. if they are late charge a late fee, dont do them any favors they wouldnt. just sit tight and if they run late let them, dont chase them . but that home doesnt move until all rents are paid up. plus lates and grass fees.

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