Abandoned Home Costs

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has experience with the abandoned home process, specifically:

I have a tenant that was evicted and I received the Writ of Possession and it was served to the tenant. There is of course the notification period, in Maine its 14 day notification to claim after the writ of possession, then, if claimed, 21 days to move the home. After the 21 days have passed, and the tenant has not moved their home or made arrangements to do so (not weather related), I have the right to sell the property and recoup my costs back, things such as storage, back rents, damages, legal fees, marketing fees, and taxes.

Has anyone counted the lot rent as “Storage Fees” or any other way? Also, is it common practice to roll-up the cost of the eviction process costs under the “legal fees”?



I think it would be reasonable to charge equal “storage” fees as lot rent. However, in practice, it won’t matter because you’ll become the owner of the abandoned home and you can do whatever you want.

You’re not planning to sue the deadbeat for the money, are you? If not, you’ll never have to account for your costs. If so, just tell the judge what your costs were and they’ll tell you what’s allowable and what’s not.

No Brandon, I don’t plan to sue, however I am required to send any left over money from the sale of the home, minus costs, to the individual or, if they cant be reached, to the state treasury department. I ask just to be sure what kind of costs can be deducted in case anyone comes looking. You are probably right that no one will.

Check your state or local laws- normally you can deduct legal and storage fees( same as park rent)