A Typical Episode

Tuesday we took delivery of a 2000 model, 3/2, 1600 sq.ft. Palm Harbor, which has sheetrock ceilings and plywood subfloors. As usual, it will be renovated inside and outside. In the evening, one of our attractive Latin tenants introduced us to one of her friends, another good-looking thirty- year- old who expressed serious interest in the home. A couple with two children and a ten year employment history suggests a target client. A $35.- fee for a background research and a $500.- non-refundable deposit would give them the option to rent the home for $750.per month with a one year lease. Fortunately, our homes rent easily, and I take full advantage of that fact. I enjoy indulging in discrimination and active profiling that has generally proved to be beneficial and also psychologically satisfying. I believe that it is literally stupid to discriminate by skin color, but appearance, speech, work history, family composition, and apparent attitude as a reflection of character are primary considerations. I seem to have a weakness for good- looking Latinos and their culture (mostly of Mexican heritage). Having said that, we have one family where the mother would not be allowed as a spectator in a beauty contest, but she is one of the most respected individuals in our subdivision. I was not guilty of accepting her initially. In spite of all the discriminatory practices and the profiling I liberally engage in, the reality of their character manifests itself as time passes. It has been my experience that my final verdict of

I have posted about this 5 years ago. Latin folks make GREAT tenants. I had a 22 space Park in TX and had 20 latino tenants and my oldest son and oldest daughter occupied the other 2. Guess who I had problems with every month? LOL.

Probably all illegal but is illegal in Texas to ask!! Cash on the first every month…I miss that and I picked up a true love of Texmex food. Light you up with homegrown habeneras.

If this is profiling so be it I tell it like it is…in 7 years I never evicted a latino. My tenants did the heavylifting and I was able to manage a Houston branch of United Rentals for 6 years.

I wish I was still there…Texas is very pro-business