A Review Of Frank & Dave's Most Profitable Mobile Home Park Deal In History

We recently sold a mobile home park at the highest profit we’ve ever achieved. We thought it would be interesting to dissect this deal, and look at why it was so profitable, and what makes for high performing park purchases and sales. And, as usual, we’re going to have unlimited question and answer at the end. So if you want to hear about our world-record transaction – and what such a deal looks like – then join us for this Lecture Series event. To sign up for this free event on Thursday, September 24th at 7pm Central visit this link:


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We hope to see you there!
Brandon Reynolds

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While I see your zest for earning money in a tight economy makes you turn to MH sites as investment centres, I implore you to realize that it’s the PEOPLE who live there who are making you rich.

I just saw the ad for the Boot Camp on buying MH parks. This part made me feel ill…
“Its unique since virtually no new parks are allowed to be built and the fact that tenants can’t afford the $5,000 it costs to move a mobile home keeps revenues stable and makes it easy to raise rents without losing any occupancy.”

Really? Is that how Owners feel about those people living there?
Do you think a senior who lives there 25 years & has hoped to stay living there till she dies, but her husband dies first, so she’s living on one tiny amount, and you think a $100/month increase won’t make her have to leave? Yes it sure will. Where will she go??? Right now there’s nowhere. Seniors centres have a year long waiting list & apartments cost a lot more than one senior can afford.

It’s a pandemic & y’all want to gouge the seniors and people living on the poverty line? Ouch!!
I also don’t like the TONE of this guy. To say you got people by the short n curleys would be an understatement. So keep raising the rents but MAYBE people will move their trailers anyway, no matter the cost, away from greedy landlords.

In :canada: It’s $10,000 to move your trailer. A guy just did that last month. There are almost 50 empty lots here right now. People can’t afford to buy new & can rent a BRAND NEW TOWNHOME for the same amount.
Right now I’m going to buy some land away from the city & drag my home out there. I believe with a planned $75/yr increase YEARLY that $1115/mo will be UNAFFORDABLE for most people in 10 years from now.
Then they will just build more condos here.

Since you are from Canada, I don’t think you understand the significant differences between U.S. and Canadian mobile home parks and their pricing. In America, single-family home and apartment rentals are about $1,000 per month more than most mobile home parks, which have an average lot rent of $280 per month. Their rents have gone up much faster and farther than any mobile home park I know of. There are thousands of older U.S. apartments in which seniors on fixed incomes have been forced out for re-construction. I have seen entire blocks in some cities in which all of the older residents are evicted to make room for urban “revitalization” projects. This article pretty much sums up my knowledge of Canadian real estate and rents https://www.vice.com/en/article/j5zzxx/canadas-out-of-control-rental-market-is-getting-worse-in-2019

The bottom line is that if you want to complain about “greedy” landlords, I think you picked the wrong American real estate sector. Mobile home park lot rents in the U.S. are ridiculously low and the value to our residents is insanely high. You are talking about $1,115 mobile home park lot rents where you are in Canada – that’s roughly four times the U.S. average! I’ve been to Toronto and, as I recall, a hamburger was like $15. I understand your anger at the ridiculous prices you are experiencing, but America is not even in that same universe of pricing.


Where is the location of this community that has a lot rent for 200 plus a month? And the $1,105 mobile home park lot rents are absolutely All over America. in fact in the yes communities Hickory Creek location Denton Texas in 2014 the lot rent here was $400 for the first year if you bought a home that was already on the lot. Mobile homes for rent where about the same price 400 that did not include utilities. Now lot rent for people who’ve been here since 2014 who are trying to purchase their home the lot alone without utilities included is up to $800. Add mortgage electric water trash and any other little add-on amenities at the park wants to decide to put in the bill and you just take a whopping guess of how much someone would have to pay each month to live in a community like that. And again that’s the yes communities Hickory Creek edition in Denton, Texas

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I know this was a long time ago, but is there a copy of this audio still available?