A Question for the Moderators

Who, or what determines the chronological sequence of the missives ?

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The most recent post will pull a string up to the top of the forum.

For example, the original post may have been written days, weeks or months ago but if someone posts to it today, it will jump up to the top of the forum. At least that is how I understand what I have seen.

In contrast, CREonline has a very old system but one that many of us cut our teeth on. There the post goes by the day the original post was made and each moves down post as other, newer posts are submitted. If you post to an older post it can be lost, other than in the “View Today’s Post” link. After that day, it is hard to tell if anyone has posted to the old post.

Clear as mud?


Rick, forgive me for misleading you. I was just interested in the mechanics of the posting order. As you know,quirky people have odd thoughts which they express in the the most peculiar manner. I am just a learner who gave up teaching years ago. I see that Tony supplied me with a most satisfactory response. Thank you,

Thank you, Tony. Your explanation is most reasonable. Please give my regards to Scott, Lisa, Ryan, Chris and your family.

Will do Bernd.

I hope we can all get together some time this year.


Tony, I am willing to host a MOM this year May?, June? I didn’t want it to conflict with your event, are you on for August?

I have not yet considered putting on an event for this year. While it is probably needed more now than ever, too many folks I have spoken with and exchanged emails with are hurting financially to such an extent that the travel costs alone are keeping them from committing.

I can understand this. I also understand the concept of “one cannot afford not to go.” I realize that the only way we are going to figure out solutions is by putting our heads together. Getting the heads together may prove the problem.

I have received several emails from different folks and groups about getting together but all plans seem to fall through in light of the tight finances these folks are facing.

If you can get something together that folks can commit to that would be great. I do not know if Greg or anyone else has a MOM type event planned.


Anyone who would likely attend an event May or June in Missouri either post here or email me and we’ll see if it is go or no go.

I’d be interested.

I have attended two organized events. It is time to get my motor running on all cylinders again. I would do my best to attend. I have read your messages on this forum and would enjoy meeting you.

Darrel in SD


I will be there. Hope it works out. I look forward to it. Let me know when the time comes if you neeed help with anything

Rick Ewens

Since I’m IN Missouri, I would surely be able to attend and would look forward to it!



I would very likely attend. MO is nice and close to WI.



I’d love to come out and fraternize depending on the date. Kids in school, summer camp, etc.


Tony, Rick, Bernd et al

I would be interested in the next MOM event wherever it may be held.


Since Mizzou is an event I could actually drive to I would be in.