A/C unit issue: window a/c or not?

Hello everyone!
I’m new to the mobile home and have a question about a/c. Can I install an a/c in my mobile home? And which one? There are so many models and brands. Moreover, I don’t know what is possible to install: through the wall unit or window. Could someone help?
I’ve already checked some articles about window a/c and through the wall but I need more info from experienced community members.

What is the existing setup ? Does it have central system currently? Is this a rental home ?

If in a park, does the park have any rules?

If no rules, window units break into two groups: 110 and 220 outlets. Pick one that matches your plug. Actually, window units are labeled with BTU and suggested room size the unit can cool. Pick a unit that meets your cooling needs and budget.

If you can afford close to $1000, consider going to a mini split heat pump. Heats and cools without taking up a window.

We’ve had good luck not installing anything for a/c or appliances into our homes and letting the buyer put in what they want. It depends on how nice your park is and what your buyers demand. We basically ensure a dry box with solid floors and working electric and sewer. We price accordingly.

If you’re renting it you’ll probably have different requirements.