A/C - Heating Unit

We are in need of an a/c-heating unit for a mobile home rehab we are selling. Where do you get them and how much do they run?Thanks,Leighnae 

If you’re talking about a heat pump, you can get that installed by any AC contractor.  Prices vary, but an indepent AC mechanic may be able to give you a better deal, depending on what state you are in.  Basically, a heat pump is an AC unit with a reversing valve that allows the outside air to be cooled while the inside air is heated. But check prices and warranties.
Jim Allen

I use the heat/AC combo window units.  They work great, and come from Lowes or HD.  $450-$600 depending on the BTU’s.

Josh M, we agree with you that the:-  Heat/AC Combo window units work greatWe purchased the following one online:-  18,500 BTU 230V Median Slide-Out Chassis Air Conditioner with 16,000
BTU Supplemental Heat CapabilityThe total cost was:-  $715.02We had this window unit installed in a smaller mobile home with a new electrical outlet.  The Contractor built a frame to keep the unit stable in the window opening.Please be aware that these units are very, very heavy, but they work very well (as it is a real heat pump).We also received a quote for a traditional HVAC Unit for another mobile home.  The quote for the lowest priced brand was $4,500. We wish you the very best! 

I’m a mobile home dealer so I have experience with volume pricing.  Call your local mobile home dealer and find out who they use to install their units and give them a call and tell them you would like to know if they can give you wholesale pricing.Here is the approximate cost you should be paying for a Carrier or Miller 13 Seer split system central air units installed:2 ton- $1650-2150 (will service up to a 14x66)2.5 ton- $1750-2250 (will service up to 16x76)3 ton-$1850-2350 (will service doublewides up to 28x56)For Heat Pumps add around $600 per unit.Kristin, that price of $4500 is outrageous!

There are a number of units available to fit your needs. Make sure the unit you choose is designed for a manufactured home. Take a look at the Revolv product by Stylecrest, it comes with a 10 year parts and 1 year labor warranty.