A big thanks to this board!

I am just on the verge of putting my first park under contract (just finalizing the offer structure) and, although I know it’s been said before, I just need to give a big shout-out to those that have helped.

Rick Ewens, thanks for meeting me for lunch today. I really enjoyed sharing with you the park that I am looking at and getting your insight. Very helpful and inspiring.

Jefferson, you are the first one I spoke with and I lived vicariously through some of your challenges as well as your posts.

Karl, I appreciate your insightful and always relevant posts.

Of course, Steve and Cory for putting this forum together.

When I was looking for somewhere to invest my money, I was looking at apartments, condos, homes, etc. I became intrigued with Mobile homes once I saw my neighbor doing well with a couple of them. But what really got me was this absolutely thriving and giving community of individuals who are willing to pick up the phone (or meet you) and spend a few hours to give a helping hand.

I hope I can do the same down the line after I have a park under my belt and can share my experiences. I definitely do not take any of the help, posts, insights, encouragements, etc. for granted.

Thanks again,

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