A Big Thanks for the Troy MOM!

Sorry it took me so long to post it has been a crazy week. This is Christy and Erica from Orlando, FL. We had a great time and are so excited about getting things started ASAP. Actually, straight from the airport home on Sunday we took a detour drive through a mobile home park and went straight home and made calls! We didn’t find anything but we are still going full force. Since we are looking to move to SC at the beginning of the new year we have been searching homes and parks up there.

I just want to thank everyone that we met Greg, Tony, Ryan, John, Daphne, Ellen, Jim, both Michael’s, the IT guy and everyone else that was so helpful (There are just too many to thank)! You guys have really worked so hard to create such a great mobile home investing network/family and we are proud to be part of that!!! Words can’t describe how excited we are to get things moving! We look foward to seeing you guys in Austin and some of you before then!