90 per unit water bill! (foreclosure update)

WOW. I just got off the phone with the treasurer. Has ANYONE heard of water rates averaging $90 per unit? The water/sewer fees are about 55 per month. Apparently apartments are treated the same way. The average house in the area has a 90 dollar water bill if I believe the township treasurer.

Its a small town with old infrastrure being updated. Well, the good thing is the county and township treasurers will work with me, but I don’t even know if the park is viable with water bills that high!

When I bought the park the lot rent was 130 and I raised it to 150 just before I sold WITH water included. The rentals went for about 450. Well, obviously submetering needs to be done yesterday. BUT is the park even viable with water that damn high? I could reduce the lot rent and make them pay for there own water?

The good news is I think something can be negotiated but theres 50,000 in back water bills. Any ideas on how to settle this?? The original owners hired a management company to run things, but I’m sure I can get rid of them if I can work something out with them. Run some ideas by me because Brad Simmons turned on my lightbulb from my prior post.