62 Barely Used Smart Meters For Sale

I purchased all 62 SpeedRead Smart Meters in August 2019 and in May 2020 I removed them all for Metron Smart meters so that the park would match our systems with all our other parks.

Nothing is wrong with these SpeedRead meters. They can be read remotely. I spent $237.30 on each of them ($14,712.60 total).

I will sell them all for half what I paid.

They are currently located in Indiana near Indy. They can be arranged for pickup or shipped.

You can learn more about SpeedRead here: http://www.speedreadtech.com/

The product works well and they have great customer service. We just needed congruency in the organization.

Email: Charlie@Rockstackcapital.com

Hi Charlie. Are these for gas, water, or electricity?

Hi Rick. They are water meters.