6 year old ALTA survey

We have a park under contract.

We asked the seller to provide an ALTA survey. The seller has a 6 year old ALTA survey, and does not want to pay for a new one.

Is a 6 year old ALTA survey good enough? Or should we get a new one?

Thank you!

Ask if the title company and lender will accept the survey. This is the most important consideration. If not then you will need to go back to the seller and negotiate something. Find out if improvements have been made and contact the city/township to find out if any easements have been changed.
Buyers and sellers have different issues but as a seller I would not agree to pay for a new survey if the existing is only 6 years old.

If the surveyor that provided it 6 years ago is still doing work there you can probably ask them to “refresh” it for a lower price than getting a new one from someone else. They should have the original on file and just look for any changes…

thanks @Greg and @jhutson
We are going to try to track down the previous surveyor and ask for an update at a discount.

Do you need an alta survey for the mortgage? I doubt you do, a regular survey would likely suffice and would be much cheaper.

It is a good point. A boundary survey is usually $500 to $750 whereas new ALTA surveys are $2,000 or more. The update to the ALTA survey may cost more than a new boundary survey - it depends on what you need.

Then again the old ALTA survey may be considered acceptable to the Title company for their purposes, which is usually confirming easements or encroachments.