6 Month Park - vacation homes

Anyone ever come across a 6 Month Park? Sort of like a vacation spot where owners typically occupy the homes 6 months out of the year. They are typically by lake fronts and such…any opinions on these?

Yes, I think it is awesome.
Beach location park, like 35 spaces, 100% occupied, but only had 6 full time residents.
In California, it can also get you out of rent control. Many of the ordinances have 2nd homes except from rent control.

They are very good money makers but management intensive. Someone is required 24/7 during the vacation season and will work long hours 7 days a week. The success of this operation requires the owner to be managing on site.

Thanks guys.

That’s what I thought Greg. Thanks for confirming. Seems like a nice gig for a retired on site owner.

Have owned and operated a 5 month seasonal park with 2 people with 235 sites and it was a breeze. Wish we had not sold and please contact if wanting information on such or just passing on a refferal for another buyer(I am very interested} Every situation is unique and can be a real pain or winner with LOTS of variables and experience is very valuable as to sucess or just a casino money drop. Drop me a note!!