50 Amp New Construction 2BR MH - Actively being manufactured?

Anyone know of a manufacturer producing 2BR 50 Amp homes?

I have a few lots to fill in a master-metered electric park and don’t want to strain the infrastructure with all electric homes.

I’d like to avoid 1BR Park Models if possible.

I have bought them from Cavco with 50 amp service.
I think most builder have it as an option. No dishwasher, no garbage disposal, gas/propane HVAC and Boiler.

I’d ask your manufacturer’s rep.


Hey thanks…looks like they’re in Phoenix too :slightly_smiling_face:

Your welcome.

This is how it’s worded on my last order from Fleetwood.
$148.00 to de-rate to 50 amp.

 Electric Service - 50 AMP w/ Pigtail      $128.00         1.00=================PENDING ELEC. CALC=================      $128.00