50 amp MH in 30 amp Electric Park

Hello Everyone,
I want to buy a used MH for my park.
The problem is that the MH is 50 amp while the park electric load is 30 amp per space.

I’m planning to use the Dogbone electric adapter to adapter from 30 amp to 50 amp.
Do you think HCD will give me a problem during the inspection?


You can ask them in advance when pulling permit. You want something that won’t cause a complaint later from buyer or tenant

I’m curious. What kind of MH only draws 50 amps?? Does that mean no electric heat or AC?

fyi if your new home draws more amps then your pedestal is wired for you could burn it down , a pedestal upgrade only cost between 500 to 1,500 dollars in my area . it would be in your best interest to bump up to 100 amp , more is better then less . please call a electrician first

Thank you everyone for your great advise.
I talked to the inspector and found that I need to upgrade the electrical.
I will bump it up to 100 amp per Lths’s suggestion.

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Yes, HCD will give you a problem. Adapters are not code.

Bumping up to 100 amps might not be as easy as it sounds. Are you aware to the mobile home park utility upgrade program?

@CAmhp, I’m not aware of an upgrade program. What is that?

The California utility companies are slowly taking master metered systems over. They finished the first 3 years of the program. They are starting round 2.


Thanks for answer. I didn’t realize this was discussing a California park. Since I am upgrading my electric services I was of course interested, but I am in Texas.