5 years

Been involved with small mhp in Tampa for the last 5 years. New to the business at that time. 18 s/w park owned homes all 25 yrs old. Rehabbed all homes and cleared 2 acres of jungle inside park boundaries. Did lots of evictions and learned to trust my instincts when sizing up potential tenants. We have many family parks within 3 miles of this one.

Modus operandi from day one has been to provide people with a clean safe place to live. We put up with no bs EVER. Treat people the way you want to be treated and always be fair. All units are rented while 13 pay monthly 3 bi-weekly and 2 pay weekly. Our tenants love the park and don’t want to live where they used to. Have bi-lingual mgr/maint man living in park rent free. Will soon begin to bring in small storage sheds for addt’l monthly income. Have room to add a few 3bdrm dbl wides too. Our rents are a little below the market but we’re ok with that. It cash flows very well and with additional revenue coming in 2011 we’re not really too concerned with market conditions. I’ve never been one to pay too much attention to what others think or say. I believe if you have a goal, it should be acheivable and if it is then nothing should stop you. I’m convinced you can make money in the mhp business because we are!


Nice report of your efforts and progress. Any landlord-friendly repairs you have done to these homes that have been worth the added expense?


Nothing out of the ordinary. We keep roofs painted (daily Florida sunshine dries 'em out causing cracks) and fix leaks pronto. Most of the homes have a front porch. Majority of our variable costs come between tenants. When we took over park they were all weekly rentals. Now that the majority are monthly payors with annual leases we’ve seen the variable costs shrink considerably. If that does’nt answer your question let me know.

Heyyy a success story cool! Don’t let the media know they will try and squash it.

Thanks for sharing, this may prompt some lurkers to take that all important 1st step.