400 Lots Seller Financing St Louis Metro

I have a spectacular 3 park portfolio that my partner and I are looking to sell the contract. Seller is calling for all offers All 3 are in the St Louis MO metro area. (about 45 minutes to downtown). NOI is currently 596k per year! Total of 400 lots, of those 230 are tenant owned, 92 are park owned. Additional upside opportunity is to increase occupancy in 78 lots and developing other lots. We have been able to secure the seller financing terms. All parks are on City Utilities and all utilities are metered back to tenant. The books are immaculate and the seller financing terms are fantastic! 100% seller financing with 30% down on a 10 year note. Amortized for 25 years and an interest rate of 4.5%. Please contact me for more information. An NDA will be required before more information will be released.

Do you have a sale price in mind? My number is (512) 743-3430 to discuss it.

Or send more info. Alan@SellTexLand.com

Hello - we are interested.

Please send NDA and additional details to twinpropertyinvestors@gmail.com

Sounds promising. Please send additional details (and NDA if you like) to mslater1022@gmail.com

I actually just spoke to this seller. They made it seem as if there was no contract. I’m wondering if anyone who signed an NDA actually saw a contract or if it was only DD materials. Not asking anyone to break the NDA just asking if an actual purchase agreement was seen. Thanks.

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llcgreenbaby AT gmail DOT com

Please send NDA to kenbarleyrealtor@yahoo.com

Kenneth Barley


I’m interested. Can you please send additional details to investmentdynasty@outlook.com

I spoke to the owner a bit over a month ago. If you look at initial post , she says contract but then " call for offers"…

The owner was pretty transparent that he was talking with several people. Very nice guy.

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Thank you for sharing this information.

Just in from a client .
I have a feeling that this is a bigger deal than I could take down by myself unless I was able to refinance xxxx park and pull the cash out and probably bring on a partner. If you have an in and could find out what just the contract price is then I would have a better idea. But again we would have to get the xxxx xxxxx refi done to have any chance to pull if off. I am Calvin and also a MHP lender and can take care of the financing. If you would like to send some info you can send it to calvinlender77@gmail.com or call 7196504208

We’re interested, have the cash, need a deal for a 1031 we’re in. Please email me at carlheintz@hotmail.com. Quick decision, quick close.

Were liquid, send info to mhpquestion AT yahoo.com


RyanW brought forth an important point regarding whether or not a contract actually exists.

Do you have a contract with the Seller?

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I’m Interested in the park.
Please send info to: steve@webuymobilehomeparkstoday.com

Steve McDaniel
www. We Buy Mobile Home Parks Today .com

Please send an NDA to markbibas@gmail.com

Mark Bibas

Hope all is well. I and my team of investors are looking to buy mobile home park 100+ spaces that have city water/sewer. This is a long shot but maybe you have leads for on an owner looking to sell. Looking for OFF MARKET DEALS ONLY.

Please email me at amilf003@fiu.edu

Welling to pay $3000 for the lead.

Dear Yvette,
Is the St Louis metro opportunity around? If so,please send an NDA to rkloster10@gmail.com