4 Mobile Homes on 1 parcel Depreciation

I have 4 mobile homes on 1 parcel of land, all the same type, year, and all on 1 tax id land parcel. I bought all in 1 transaction for 110k. Can I depreciate this as a multifamily as 1 entry and just combine all the costs and revenues and treat as 1 unit, or do I have to divide everything by 4 and put separate entries for each unit when reporting and depreciating. Thanks for any advice on this.

They should be all considered separate. For your benefit. Not that big a deal once you set it up.

Note that the homes are dwellings and are therefore 27.5 year property. Any water, sewer, road, fence, etc is a land improvement and is 15-year property.

p.s. I hope you are zoned for MHP or grandfathered? Otherwise you may not be legal…

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