3rd property MGT. M. Shapiro?

Hi gang,

Does anyone have any experience using M. Shapiro as a 3rd party park manager? I’d love to hear what you think. Thank you! Will

Its not that hard to manage a park especially if you have very little or no POH. You can do it yourself unless you are set that you can’t or won’t.

I’ve been managing parks for five years and other properties for ten before that. I put the rest into third party management and love it.

Anybody have experience with M. Shapiro?

will, kevin bupp and company does. i know a few others use them as well

Curious if you ended up going with M Shapiro or another 3rd party and what your experience was like.

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My company manages mobile home communities here in the Midwest. If we can be of service to you, let me know . 517 940 8979


We did end up with M Shapiro. They have been good to work with after the initial kinks were worked out. We also needed to realize that nobody will negotiate contracts as hard as the owner. So not only were we paying M Shapiro’s fee, we were also paying more for all the vendors. They also hired a more expensive park manager.

All that said, they pay attention to the park and have some smart people on their team. It’s expensive, but you get your life back!