27-Lot 26 TOH MHP in State College PA Wholesale Deal

27- total sites with 26 tenant-owned homes onsite. Rents are slightly below market at $275.
Average lot rent of $275 times the 27 occupied homes and additional water and sewer income
of $1,400 per month from park next door with a 41% expense ratio (Water Treatment and Sewer Membrane Bio-Reactor)
gives you a gross income of $105,900 and a net income of $61,950. Owner of park next door is 82 years old and has
signed a right of first sale. – Upside
Current cap rate at contract price is 12.5%.
✓ 1 Park-Owned home – Owner fixing getting ready to sell
✓ Water-Treatment System
✓ Sewer Membrane Bio-Reactor System – 12 years old - We have a licensed water and sewer operator at $300/month
✓ 160,000+ MSA
✓ Paved roads
✓ Land Survey and Phase I Environmental Complete

Interested in partnering or assigning the contract. Let me know if your interested…

Interested in learning more....brassringmhc@gmail.com. I have a park not too far from here.

Hi i’m interested in this deal. Could you send more information to jackyen@gmail.com?


Can you email me some info? Ivygatemanagement@gmail.com. I have 4 parks in PA, 2 near State College.

Looks interesting. Could you please send details to jarsofme@gmail.com

Thank you.

I am interested if it is not already assigned. My email is wsmith@stonefortressres.com. Thank you.

I’d be interested in taking a look at this park as well…thanks Justin...jbush6801@gmail.com

jbush6801@gmail.com. No Justin first…lol

I am interested in this as well. Please email me detail to mcj5804@gmail.com if not already assigned.
Thank you
Matt Jacobs