21st Mortgage and Clayton Homes CASH Program - Who Is Using It?

I would like to speak with mobile home community owners that have worked/partnered up with 21st Mortgage on financing both used and new homes within their communities. I’ve researched their CASH program, but still have a lot of questions and would like to get the real facts from fellow MH community owners. I have 131 lots, with 45 vacant lots that are ready for homes. You can either leave your number or call me at 252-347-9606.
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Tony -

We are getting started with CASH in Kansas, and soon in Oklahoma, Indiana, and Ohio. We’ve not yet taken delivery of a home - that’ll happen in another 4 - 6 weeks. So I don’t have much for you now, other than to say getting our dealers license was a HUGE hassle - at least in Kansas. But we’ve got it now, and are hopefully on to bigger and better things there and in the other states.

Feel free to contact me now, or perhaps in two months once I have some first-hand experience.

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We are at an impasse with the CASH program because one of the investor has IRA funds. Since all the major investors have to provide a personal guarantee for the CASH program, the IRA custodian doesn’t give a personal guarantee, how would you work around this?

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Thanks Jefferson… what is your number so I may reach out to you?


On the webinar, Lance Hull with 21st Mortgage indicated that it may not be necessary for ALL of the investors to sign personal guarantees. If you have seen the webinar, it is about 1.5 hours, but very good. Here is the link.


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Where was the hassle? I am looking at the requirements for South Dakota and Nebraska and see a problem:

A letter from the Zoning Commissioner, stating my location is zoned for a MH dealership. I have not tried it yet but I can guess they would not be very enthusiastic about it and claim it is outside what the park is zoned to engage in.

Are there some other quicksand pits to look out for?


Did you have any trouble getting a letter from the Zoning Commissioner stating your park was zoned for a MH dealership? That looks like the one big sticking point on the list of requirements I see in Nebraska an South Dakota. Were there any other big problems?

Hey Jefferson Can you give me an update on how the cash program has worked for you and your group? Thanks Tim

Cash program has worked well. We’ve infilled our Kansas park with shiny new homes and are expanding the CASH program across our portfolio.

As regards needing to get zoning approval that you are a dealership, Oklahoma passed an ordinance specifically stating that MHPs that keep the homes on-site are exempt. Dealerships obviously are a temporary ‘parking lot’ for mobile homes, which are then moved to ‘greener pastures’ elsewhere.

All that said, I think you’d have a good case that you are not a dealership if any government is giving you difficulties. The homes stay on your property; you are not a dealership. You might get a municipal attorney involved to make some noise with the City/County if they won’t issue you what you need. We’ve always gotten it.

Your mileage may vary,


Any ballpark numbers you can provide here? Specifically very interested in correlation / ratios between total payment vs. lot rent, and any success/failure stories in $100-150k median home price mkts, vs those significantly higher.

In Texas I think it is crystal clear- if you participate in the sale of a home, your a dealer.

Jefferson, any color you might be able to provide in terms of lowest median home price market you’ve had success with CASH in? And lowest total CASH all in payment for owner?


Hi All,

I just joined the forum today. I own 3 parks in Pennsylvania and recently applied for the Cash Program. The biggest hurdle was gathering all needed info to submit my dealers license application to the PA Vehicle Board. The was a ROYAL pain that took me about 3 weeks to complete. I actually managed to have a zoning officer write a letter allowing my property to be used as a mobile home sales office. Without this letter I’m pretty sure I would’ve been screwed.

I’ve been approved by 21st contingent I get my dealers license which I should have in a few weeks.

If anyone else has obtained a dealers license in PA or Ohio I would love to hear about your experience.

Going through the same process in OH with the State and 21st and I have nothing good to say about either. OH has had my package for about 3 weeks and I still haven’t heard a peep out of them even though I made sure to submit a totally complete package. I will call them in another week to see what is happening.

21st, on the other hand, will not move ahead on my package until the State gives its approval. They “say” they will work with unsophisticated mom and pop operations such as mine, but then they want all sorts of conditions that I may not be able to meet. I have to do business with them to get homes into my park, but I do not trust them at all. Not really sure how things are going to work out.

Bottom line is that both OH and 21st are turning into a couple of total PITAs, especially for a small operator, but they are the only game in town.

Also getting approved with several manufacturers in my area, and they are easy to deal with.

I’m really interested to hear if anyone has used CASH to sell POH.

Seems like it could be a great way to offload POH. Minimum loan amount is $10k with terms up to 10 years, so nearly anyone should be able to qualify.

I’m new to the CASH program since January of 2016 and have already sold 9 POH’s, with 3 more in the closing stages. This program with used homes has been fantastic for me. We were providing seller financing with a fixed interest rate, but our concern about the potential risk of the Dodd-Frank rule (even though it makes absolutely no sense for our industry), made us look at a 3rd party finance option for the potential buyer of our homes.

Basically, I fix up the home in preparation for sale and am able to price the home at 1.2 x NADA book value, PLUS $8,500 for my already sunk costs in the site. I’ve incentivized my park manager by giving him a 5.0% commission on our final sales price and then I have to pay 21st a flat $1,500 as “fee”. We still qualify candidates by running both a credit and criminal check, with 21st then handling all of the financing paperwork and closing process. I now don’t have to deal with insurance, taxes or going through a long drawn out eviction process (i.e. much easier to evict a lot rental vs. foreclosing on a seller financing deal).

21st has been great to deal with, as we have ONE point of contact for the financing of our homes and she is very professional and responsive. I intend to sell and/or refinance all of our POH’s, get the cash out to pay down my note further and just go to lot rentals only. I now will focus my time on filling up my empty, ready-to-go, lots.

Only concern would be is if a buyer defaults, then this is a recourse loan, where our business would have to pick up the payments or buy the home back. But, we were in this position before anyways, so not really a big deal, especially since buyers have to go through a very arduous (i.e. less likely to default) effort to get the financing.

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Thanks very much for the insight. Seems like a fantastic program – too good to be true, which is why I’m skeptical.