21st CASH program

Hi all, Just got approved for the 21st Group CASH program. Any advice or suggestions from any of you that have used it? I will be bringing in approx 30 new homes into 2 of my parks.


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Hey @Rob_Estes. I’m thinking about applying the CASH program, too. I’m looking to use the program to help with some infill. I was told a dealer’s license is required. Is it easy to get the license? I’m in NC. Thank you

Hi there, yes that is true and is a requirement. It varies from state to state as far as the process and how difficult it is to obtain. I’m currently in the process for Kentucky. Seems straight forward but I’ll update you all of I run into any speed bumps. So far just a pretty lengthy application.

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I can’t speak to NC, but TN was fairly straightforward. It was just a 2-day class and an annual 5-hour refresher course.

We’re ordering out first spec homes right now and most factories are 6-8 months out on production. Many aren’t taking new customers and others are requiring large (10+) orders (weeding out the little guys). There are still some factories that will work with us, but just be prepared to wait out the orders. Time to get creative with the infill work!


Infill work can be tough how have you completed it in the past? Good luck it can be a daunting undertaking.

We’ve had good luck in the past purchasing used homes from individuals and, in one instance, a package of homes from another park who was looking to upgrade. In a play on Brandon Turner’s BRRRR method, we just add an “R” for relocate - Buy, Relocate, Rehab, Rent, Refinance (21st), Repeat. Of course we prefer to sell the home outright, but often wind up with lease-option renters that we try to transition to ownership as quickly as possible.

The problem now is that used homes have been bid up to the point that it’s cheaper from a cash flow perspective to go with new homes due to better financing options. It’s hard to get all of your capital back out of a used home refi. New homes are certainly a lot less risk, too.


Makes sense who are you using for the refi of your used homes? I come across them often for discounted prices. If you’d like me to contact you if I come across some in your area just let me know.

I think that program can be a great option but it has some pit falls. Don’t forget you will be on the hook if a buyer defaults on their loan. They do give you options though. You can try to resell it, or convert it to a rental take out a commercial loan with them. Just think about what you may want to do. The longer the home newly vacant home sits in your inventory unsold, the more it will cost you. I don’t think selling a several year old mobile home for what is owed on it is necessarily a slam dunk, but every market is different. Just something to think about.

The 21st Cash Program has been great; but some of our orders, we turned into mortgages with 21st, after a certain amount of time of listing them for sale (then rented the home out), other homes we were able to sell. It has been beneficial to us. We’ve used this program to fill at least 60 vacant lots.