2008 Goals- Halfway mark

At the begining of the year, many of us posted our 2008 goals - How is it going so far?

Here are my YTD results: 9 homes sold, 7 notes created, 4 homes moved in, MHP/rental homes/open lot/self storage insurance expense dropped from $12572 to $5299 58% reduction–YIPEE!

So far I have atended the MHM in Austin TX - it was great! I plan to attend the MOM this Fall and need to get to at least one other event to reach my 2008 goal…one thought for future scheduling; schedule an event so that I can be home on Sunday, I have a Sunday School class to teach, and church bus route to run.

Hello Shawn,

I love hearing stories like this. I’m searching aggressively for my first park.

Can I ask where your park is and how many spots you still have to fill? Just curious because in my projections I am assuming a sale of 10 MH for the first year and I’m wondering if that is too conservative as you will be on your road to 18 if you finish out the year like you started!

I am also making assumptions that I would not get any homes moved in except for the homes that I bring in, but it looks like you had 4 homes brought from the outside.

My goal for this year was to educate myself (MHM and Boot Camp) and to get serious about buying a park by June (have one in my sights now, just doing the preliminary due diligence).


Rick my MHP is in Rolla, MO, currently I have 12 spaces to fill and 15 more to build to be at capacity. The 4 homes were brought in by me. The other sales were homes that I had bought from residents that were moving, and from rental homes that had come off-lease. During the past 7 years I have been getting 2 homes per year move into the park (that I didn’t bring in), and 3 homes move out.

Well, we got the last home in our micropark and all rented. Finished landscaping/driveway, cashflowing nicely. Have to go tomorrow to fix a soft spot in the floor, should have followed to Tony/Scotts material and fixed it BEFORE renting. Been actively searching for parks, one deal is all but gone (too many problems on the sellers end) but may be making an offer in the next 30 days on another. 4 parks in our area have come on the market in the last 10 days, 2 are relists, contracts expired on unqualified buyers…HHHMMMM is the market softening. Thing is they are overpriced as usual.

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