2 Easy Deals

Mover had some cheap homes, picked up 2 more 3BR for our parks, buyers are already lined up:

1990 3BR 14x70, M/M needs no work, $6,500 including move, excluding skirting & connections.

1995 3BR 14x70 V/S, needs light rehab (paint, some carpet), mover will replace old exterior doors, $5,500 including move, excluding skirting & connections.

Not quite “steals”, but certainly hassle free.


    How do you find deals like that? I would definately call those steals in our area!!! Typically a 1995 vs with light refurb would go for 10-12k delivered. Let us in on your secret.

Thank You!

Dan Dawson

Part of it doubtless depends on where you live. For example, I hear that MH’s in NC are much more expensive, even for veteran Lonnie Dealers. One upside of Ohio’s idiot governemnt and very down economy In our case, we get our deals from three soources:

  1. @ 40% from driving through parks and talking to people;

  2. @ 40% from Craig’s List (you have to move fast on the good deals);

  3. @ 20% from movers. One in particular gives us pretty good deals because of the volume we are sending her.

I did break down and move one home as a Lonnie Deal from Columbus to Toledo, instead of from Columbus to Fort Wayne. Big mistake, the former cost me almost double what it would have cost to move to Indiana. I suspect that such costs depress the price of homes in Ohio, making it easier to poach and carry them over the border into Indiana.