1996 Chandeleur Mobile home for sale


I own a 28x52 1996 Chandeleur Mobile Home located in Hampton, Georgia. It needs a lot of work done on the inside. For example the floor in the laundry area needs repairing, the floor in the master bedroom in front of the shower stall needs repairing, the flooring where the refrigerator once sat needs repairing, and the ceiling in the master bathroom also needs repairing. The hot water heater is only about 5 yrs old. No appliances are in it except for the stove. The dishwasher died about 2 years ago, and we just decided to wash them by hand instead of replacing the washer. The carpet needs to be removed and replaced. The walls need to be cleaned and there is some electrical work to be done. We have been the only family to occupy the home since purchasing it in 1996. As for the outside, everything is intact and looks nice. The home is currently and has always been in a very nice mobile home community.

What price range should I start with, and what should I expect as far as offers.

How would I go about finding someone interested in this “handyman special/fixer upper” mobile home?