14x64 homes - too small?

I’m looking at park with some POH included in the deal and they are all 14x62 or 64. Should I be concerned in ability to rent or rent credit those smaller homes? There are empty lots that will hold up to 68 foot homes so I would put little bigger homes in empty lots I fill. My test ads got a lot of calls but I didn’t say specifically say the square footage of homes.

I’d not be worried about homes that ‘small’ that come with a park. 10- and 12-wides are ‘too small.’ 14-wides are fine. Residents make decisions about MHs for a variety of reasons, but an important one is whether they can fit a king-sized bed in their master bedroom. A 14-wide will accommodate such a bed.

Going forward, I’d bring in 16-wide homes. Think more about the width - you seem entirely focussed on the length. But bring in the longest 16-wide you can. I’d bet in your market that 3BR homes will bring disproportionately more rent than 2BR homes (and 4BRs would bring even more rent, but your lots are not long enough for a 4BR).

MHs are priced by the square foot, not the number of bedrooms, so for any given size home, try and get the most number of bedrooms because that will bring you the most rent (unless you have a seniors community - in which case you’d mostly be infilling with 2BRs).



Thank you Jefferson for reminding me of the “king size bed test” and yes agree bringing in 16 footers to fill lots is the way going forward.