116 Space Mobile Home Park will go up for Sale in January

I am a family member looking to locate potential buyer. You are welcome to email me:
yogawithgaya@gmail.com if you want more information.

Where is it located?

Hi Dave, my family just met after my father’s passing and decided we will likely sell. We are awaiting an appraisal (due hopefully in December). The Park located at

Bel Air Mobile Estates
5835 Cherokee Drive
Stockton, CA

116 spaces, currently no vacancies, no city hookups (has three wells, a water treatment system and septic)…over the years my family has added adjacent properties including acreage and other rental units.

The additional properties are:
5715 Cherokee Road
5751 Cherokee Road
6003 Cherokee Road
5916 Leonardini Road

Thanks for the details, very interested, please keep me updated. Srikanthkasa@gmail.com