100% Occupied

I wrote this big long blog this morning on lessons learned but decided not to post it. I will summarize it: Buy in a big city; buy homes to fill your park; develop a relationship with a local personal banker; know your market; Sewer treatment and water wells are OK; Diligently study the archives on all the mobile home forums; Pay for professional advice.



Good advice and congratulations.

I’d just add that in the southeast, a small city is okay; personal bankers are not necessary (I haven’t dealt with one in years); know your local and federal laws with respect to well water.

Amen to: buy homes to fill your park; know your market; study archives (and develop a group of peers you can talk to) and pay for professional advice. I’d also say FOLLOW THE ADVICE. Can’t tell you how many people get good advice and then do whatever the heck they want (like reading Deals on Wheels and then do the exact opposite).

Congratulations of achieving 100% occupancy, can’t wait to get there myself.



I think it would be great to read the long blog. There may be something in what you have learned managing and infilling your community that none of us would even think to ask. At 58 years of age I am amazed at what I don


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I call all that “Dumb Luck” preparedness. From the experience of single families to apartments you were prepared to take on the asset class called MHP.

Mike I agree about focusing on the basket.