Winter Has Arrived, Consider Getting Alerts for Water Temp

Hello, with winter on its way and in some parts of the country already here, I wanted to remind everyone to have their heat tape checked on their water lines. If you have our VN LTE Metron Submeters in your park, take a look at the tab “temp” to sort the coldest to the hottest water reads to get a quick look at the temperatures. If you have some that are showing much lower than the rest of the park, it’s a good indicator that their heat tape has either failed or about to fail.

If you need help with this, just give me (Bill) a call at 720-826-1174

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My Metron meters are about 4 yrs old. How new is the LTE model? Cost and is equipment complete change necessary? Thanks!

Hi Jay,

Do you have a few minutes to jump on a call so i can learn more about your park? 720-826-1174

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