Will section 8 pay for lot rent on tenant owned houses

I am a landlord looking into moving away from SFR and private pay into MFR and government assisted pay. Never thought of this before until Covid 19 eviction moratorium.
Would section 8 pay only for park owned houses or would also pay for lot rent on tenant owned houses.

I am new to this forum.

Section 8 will pay for lot rent. We have several tenants being paid under the section 8 program.

Thank you for your answer.

Will section 8 pay for an “inflated lot rent” incorporating the home rent?

On another note why won’t section 8 pay home rent on a POH in addition to lot rent ? Why should that be any less than Apt rent?

Also curious, Is it a tedious process to get approved for section 8 as a landlord?

Yes. They don’t know the difference on a POH because it is just “rent” to them.

They will pay Home and lot rent.

It is not tedious but there are more steps to go through. You need to have a signed contract with the HUD administrator, you need to have an annual inspection, and you must give 60 days notice of rent increase. In my opinion those are simple administrative things.

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Thank you for that insight!