Why no call backs


I often see parks for sale in Craigslist or Mobile Home Park Store and will call. I am professional and usually leave a message with the selling agent I would like a call back to discuss. Rarely do I get a call back. I usually advise that I currently own mobile home parks and have experience in the operations.

Why no call backs from the selling agents? Is it something I am doing wrong? Do I need to reach out with my own agent? I have the cash and am well established. I don’t understand why selling agents don’t call back.

Any thoughts?


I spend most time off market looking for deals but on market , sometimes its

1.Someone who doesn’t typically deal in parks ( no idea why they don’t respond) - but seems to be common theme.

  1. I get a response (and that was primarily due to the broker actually knowing who I am ; not just another number)

  2. Deal seems to be good , and just never get a response - i figure this is because there is a tremendous amount of interest and maybe get lost in the mix.

  3. Its a good market generally speaking so i guess it is what is . Try and differentiate with brokers if possible


IMHO the main reason is because 90% of residential real estate agents are terrible. They put listings up on the web and then sit on them either because they are not organized or too busy, or both. If I am very interested in a listing I will look up their license information from a given state and email them at their email on file there, and call their phone number from there - many of them are different than what is provided on the listing.

If I still can’t get in touch I send an LOI with a purchase price. They are typically obligated to provide this to the client which can get the conversation going. As long as you have language in there this is a blind offer prior to reviewing the books, and make some reasonable assumptions based on what you have seen on Google, market, etc, it should be close unless there are surprises, which there always are.


I am with jhutson on this, only I will extend it to the overwhelming majority all RE agents. Just go on Loopnet and look at the listings for million dollar and up properties. Even in that range so many of them have important missing information, information that contradicts itself, horrible photos, stupid copy and such.

You may say these marketing geniuses leave out important information to get you to call, but even that is dumb. It’s on Loopnet; there are thousands of other deals on Loopnet. Buyers are faced with a situation of eliminating deals and moving on down the list. Missing important information, such as how many units an apartment building has (Gee, do you think maybe a prospective buyer might want to know that before spending some time on the deal?) makes it very easy to be eliminated.


Hi there ,
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This has been the case since they invented RE agents!

I am working on a software solution.
Should have a working model available soon.

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