Why is it so hard to find insurance?


I own a small community in Ohio. I was looking to shop our insurance rates, but when calling around to local agents, most wouldn’t even call me back. I refuse to believe I am stuck with this policy I have now. The agents that did return my call, seem to have ever dealt with mobile home park insurance or they tell me the companies that they quote for do not provide mobile home park insurance. Can you lead me in the direction of insurance?


You can go to the directory at the mobilehomeparkstore.com and look for brokers that specialize in mobile home parks. You can also “Google” someone in your area that specializes in parks. Its a niche. Also know that for the most part brokers are also lazy and many won’t call you back either. Just keep trying but start with those who are in the industry.


@KurtKelley at Mobile Insurance should be able to help you out.