Who's Calling partnership


Are there any retailers or park owners here who might be interested in sharing a subscription for Who’s Calling? I just finished up a demo with them today and was really impressed with what they offer and think it could add a lot of value to my retail operation I have going on at my community. For those who don’t know, Who’s Calling offers the following (and much more):

Multiple 1-800 numbers to use in your advertising

The administrator(s) can listen to live inbound/outbound sales calls

Records sales calls to listen to at a later time

Offers multiple reports so you can see which advertising campaigns are getting the most ROI and generating the most calls

Offers automated features for after hours calls

Online and mobile app interfaces

Unlimited customer support/training

They want a 12 mo contract and I talked them down to $339/mo and option to cancel within 60 days if not satisfied. I am located in Maine and selling tends to be seasonal so I’m looking for someone who would find value in this to share the cost with.

Also, I’d be interested if someone is currently using Who’s Calling and wants to let me in on their contract to share the cost. The sales rep told me that we could have two completely separate operations (i.e. I cant see your data or activities and vice versa)