What to do with abandoned RV's in your MHP


I had a lot rent lessee with an RV skip town. It needs about $1,500 in repairs. Rents for 25-30 foot RV’s are about $300 a month (plus lot rent separate) so am leaning towards keeping it after taking title, and selling after a year of rent credit or some equivalent.

What would you do?


I would ask , are there other RV’s in the park ? Do you think you could successfully cover this to an actual owner? Im skeptical of the RV tenant but thats probably fair that i don’t understand them. How is this with the rest of the quality of the park?

I had one of those older MHs that was too small to be an actual MH so they claimed it was a travel trailer but jumped through hoops to get a police guy out there for some papers, then DMV to get a title, cant remember what i needed up getting but today , there is a new 2016ish home in that lot … Things worked out better.

My thoughts , goals, philosophies are a lot different today than when i started. Today, i would get rid of it, get a home in place, If its a weak market thought, id consider doing what I had to. But i really want to buy only in good markets now with lots of demand so i can bull doze these issues and get houses moved in or brand new houses.

Did you talk to that girl on Bigger pockets, Leslie? She does stuff with RV rentals? Maybe something she would want if its in her farm area.

Good luck on whatever you decide to do .


Sell it, get your money back. Let me know if you need help obtaining the title Mr. Hutson.


Aaron Chachamovits


RVs are very different to live in than other homes and require some maintenance and routines that are different. The tenant would have to know how to maintain the disposal systems and use the different appliances. For example… has it been parked and used with the black water valve left open? Because if so… there is a problem waiting for you. Have you had it checked by an RV tech to get those estimates for repairs?