What Shows Up on a Title Search vs. a Survey?



I am looking for clarification on easements and rights of way on a property. Does all this show up on the title search? If so, is the point of the survey only to see your property boundary lines and therefore if any homes are hanging over them? In other words is the survey not needed to discover easements and rights of way?

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Surveyors are supposed to the use title commitment as a key component of their work, so if there are easements or ROW’s they should be on both. If not the surveyor needs to update their work, and the title company will require this prior to close.

And your title commitment will have exclusions for anything that does not show up in its title search, such as private or prescriptive easements.

If your surveyor is finding things your title company is not, you may need a better title company. :slight_smile:


Title company only shows recorded easements or other claims. You may have an issue with someone using a driveway for 20 years not recorded or a fence/property line question that a survey will clear up and may be required by a lender.