Water meter size?


I’m looking into purchasing a 100 home park in Arlington, TX, that needs connecting to city water. I’m looking at the Arlington tap fee rates, and they’re very expensive as the meters get bigger, so I’m wondering what the minimum meter size I’d need for around 100 homes. Can anyone weigh in on this? Thanks


We have 3 2" meters feeding ~60 3/4" submeters at one of our parks. Or maybe the subs are 5/8". This is off the top of my head.


Hi Brandon, did you have to pay a fee for each submeter when you connected your park to city water? Assuming that each submeter attaches to just one home right? Thanks


The park was already submetered when I bought it. The city read (past tense) the meters. The city (purportedly) owned the meters. Over time, there was a lot of mixup and long story short, they said “it’s your problem from now on” and gave us brand-new meters. So now we read them and bill the tenants according to the county schedule.