Virtual Bootcamp thoughts?

I’m curious as to the experiences of those that went through the virtual bootcamp. I was signed up for the Vegas bootcamp at the end of the month. I’d think that an in person camp with regular networking would be beneficial but I’m curious as to the experiences of those that attended the virtual camps.


I attended the “first” virtual bootcamp and could not be more pleased with the entire operation. If you are worried about networking, plenty of that went on during and after the bootcamp and is still going on now (a separate facebook page was set up for just the members of this bootcamp). Personally I think there was a lot more information given out and more questions answered than you might have seen in an “in person” boot camp. The calls with Frank (question and answer sessions) went on for literally hours. You were given access to all the materials, and to other benefits just as if you attended in person. It was very nice to not have to fly somewhere, stay in a hotel, be away from family etc etc. (And of course it was discounted from the regular price). I thoroughly enjoyed being able to listen and watch and participate from a very comfortable chair in my office, using my keyboard to take notes (which would have really aggravated others in a live class), have ALL of my questions answered, listen to and learn from other’s questions. Yes, overall I think it was about as good as it gets. (I guess the next best thing would have been a $60,000 hologram system I saw advertised yesterday that would put Frank’s whole body in your living room…but he would have had to stand in a phone booth size transmitting room for 3 days :wink: I would highly recommend it the virtual course and I don’t know of any place you could learn more, in less time for any less money. Good luck!!

If you have any other questions about the virtual course please feel free to write me. I am more than happy to help. Capt Sam

Thanks captsam - much appreciated. My concern was the networking ability but it sounds like they’ve set up a system for that also.

I took the June 2020 bootcamp and was very pleased. I’ve taken other RE bootcamps and this one really delivers. I was already selling all my SFHs and was going to invest in apartment buildings, but after learning about MHPs I am going full bore into the MHP sector. It’s just a way better deal.

The most impressive thing about the course is how free they are with REAL and USABLE information. At the end of the bootcamp Frank gave out his cell phone number to call anytime when in need of emergency information. I wasn’t sure how this would work but I havecalled 3 times and he picks up by the 2nd ring and say “go!”. I quickly went into detail about a potential deal (I try to have all the info in front of my with notes so I’m not wasting his time). First 3 I called about he tore me up. They were NOT good deals but I thought they were. Just TONIGHT I found one he said sounds good and ‘was worth tying up’. In my excitement I only after dialing I realized how late it was for him. It was 9pm (Pacific Time) and he is 2 hours later (I’m sorry Frank, won’t happen again).

I am sitting here going over the contract I will send to the broker tomorrow to make my offer. I’m very excited. Wish me luck.

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