Virtual Assistant for Rent Manager

Anyone have experience hiring a virtual assistant part-time to handle Rent Manager - if so did they have previous expertise with Rent Manager or did you train them from scratch?

I’d also like this someone to take inbound resident/sales calls and relay things to the necessary person: on-site managers, contractors, or myself.

Has anyone gone this route with a small portfolio?

Dan, we trained ours from scratch and put together guides.

For the latter, you are talking call center. You could also go with a service provider such as Grosshopper where 1, 2, 3 would direct to departments. On the flip side, just because you give call the options doesn’t mean they will follow it.

I think it is a great idea personally. I bet there are some that would disagree. We manage 300 SFH rentals with 1.5 employees. We were able to do this with VAs doing a lot of the heavy lifting. I rather pay a VA $4 to input a lease than someone here $15 plus other payroll fees.