Verbally abusive tenant

good evening. I just had a complaint from a tenant c/o a guest driving too fast. I have spoken to guest a couple of times before. and I was unaware he was still doing this. while I was attempting to discuss with tenant he became verbally abusive, and loud. is there a violation code I can write him up for.

You made the park rules right? You would need to tell us if there was some kind of a violation.

If you don’t like a tenant there are a lot of ways to get them out of the park. The easiest may be to non-renew their lease.

Study your state landlord tenant regulations first to see if there is language in this regard. Also confirm that you can non-renew a lease and the proper notifications to do so. Non-renewing a lease is far easier than a eviction and in this case getting rid of a tenant with this attitude is a must. No point in wasting time with warnings, they will have no effect if he has no regard for safety.
Many will suggest giving a warning as opposed to getting rid of a paying tenant but in this case there are two advantages in doing so. First you get rid of a tenant that will continue to be a problem and second you send a message to other tenants that inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Assuming the tenant owns their home they will likely sell and you will continue to collect lot rent. If they stop paying rent you do not approve the sale and transfer of the lot lease until it is paid.

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