Using a remote agent


Anyone use some type of local agent to obtain a video or picture of a park that a distance away? Working a smaller park but the travel is far enough that it’ll eat up a couple of days and multiple trips not really a good option. I’m planning on making a trip but would like someone local I can have run out and take video/pics prior to closing so I know all is well at the park.



I’ve used them for out of state property and it enabled me to get a jump on the competition.

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Interesting…I’ll check it out. Initially I was thinking about using a local real estate agent and just paying a flat fee to go to the property and shoot a video.


Awesome Resource Thanks MHMike!


I have posted a “one time gig offer” several times on Craigslist and have always received a good response. I have hired local people several times who drive through the parks using their cell phones to video the park. The videos are of sufficient quality to meet your needs. I pay $50 which I deposit electronically either into the person’s paypal or bank account. This is way better than google earth or street view on google maps.


Great idea! I’ll try it out


I posted on Craigslist and got it done for $35. It was a small park so didn’t take long. Best $35 bucks I spent! Thanks Shelly!