Underwriting Analysis Tool - does anyone have one? Was it part of MHU?

Hi - I buy Multifamily properties and am quite proficient in how to analyse MF deals. I have a mentor and use his analyzer plus another one I purchased if it is a more complex loan assumption. I thought when I took MHU (did the virtual one in Spring) I would receive a tool to help with analysis.

Is anyone familiar with one that works well and that I could buy or download somewhere? I don’t like re-inventing the wheel and prefer to pay for someone else’s expertise.


MHU provides an analysis software if you take the Bootcamp. Check the reference library - it is in there.

Can totally relate!
Nothing exists in this space yet like if the MF space - I had the same search when entering the space coming from MIchael blanks SDA …
I’ve discovered that there is more complexity and moving pieces to MHPs for example POH revenue through rentals/LTOs/RCs, note revenues, Loan Assumptions,
I’ve found that you need to modify your model on a deal to deal basis…
I’m open to be corrected if there is something comprehensive that anyone has found.

(The tool mentioned above is but a simple And vague expense spreadsheet which come along with the Dropbox materials)

Best of luck to you

@JL I wonder if we are talking about two different things. While there are tools which are simple income and expense sheets, what I am referring to is a legitimate model that allows you to input total lots, number of POH, perform infill on a year by year basis, sell POH on a year by year basis either via financing or rent credit, etc., grow rents, input and grow expenses, Bill back utilities, etc. basically everything a financial model would let you do.

It calculates cash on cash returns, lot value, Etc. If someone wants to create their own custom model, this is a fantastic starting point as it shows you how the pieces fit together and function. It is also a great teaching tool.