Underground water leaks

Does anyone have any tricks or know of any new technology to detect undergroound water leaks at a reasonable cost? I’m sure many of you park owners that submeter water notice that you are sometimes paying for more water through your master meter than you are billing your residents. Sometimes it can be a meter problem, but also can be leaks in your water pipes. We have 2 parks where we lose water but can’t find the leaks. Any ideas?

Have had problems with old and rusted galvanized pipes but the leaks always popped to the surface sooner or later. And this was in sandy soil that drained beautifully. Really surprised to hear that your leaks aren’t showing themselves.

There are companies (at least in my area) that do leak detection. One way to find them is to go to a local specialty irrigation supply store and ask for recomendations. Horizon and Ewing are two companies with stores nationwide.

Good luck.


Yes one company named north charleston slab leak detection has been hired by me to fix the basement leaks. They have placed the devices near all the water sources to detect the water leaks there.

There are so many other companies out there that can do leak repair easily , you only have to spend some time in finding those companies.

We have used American Leak Detection in the past. If you Google ”underground leak detection,” you can probably find companies to do it. Last time we did it on an 80 unit park it cost roughly $800. This is something that we do on a regular basis.