Turning a turd into gold-its what I do


I was told about this wonderful forum and I am so glad I found you guys!

I live in Washington State, I work in MH Management.

I turn turd’s into gold.

Lets get real.

Really, really, clean, safe, and maintained parks are not the norm in All Ages Communities. They are either under performing, unsafe, managers are not the best, or the residents are less than stellar (even when they pass background they still treat your land like their own personal trash heap.)

What I do is make a park that one would call “challenging” and turn it around to a market level performing asset. Who doesn’t like to make money? Who doesn’t like happy residents, an ongoing wait list of people wanting to move into your park, and an easier time for your managers because your residents want to follow the rules.

I have been doing this since 2009, I have worked magic on 4 parks. Two different companies with different policy styles.

Auburn Police Department, Auburn City Hall, my vendors, my company owner, my current and past residents, and neighboring parks have seen me change my current location and have commented on how much better it looks and feels when they step on grounds. They talk about us regularly at City Hall, for better or for worse.

You know, its ironic. We all, at one time or another get burnt out. The customers we service, our residents, can be crazy but without them, we have no income. Without our owners we have no job, and without our laws we have no structure. It’s like a big deli sandwich and managers are stuck in the middle.

If you need help and you want to talk, please contact me - below is what I do, can fix, or have fixed… in no particular order. I also can train your existing staff on how to be better at their job and get the job done within the company parameters as well as the law so you can stay in the black.

I have experience with:
Assessing properties from the data and on site inspections and giving recommendations based on those items in quick order.
Training staff on the do’s and don’t 's of managing a park
Collections - getting negative cash flow back on track in quick order
Aesthetics and capital projects
Rule Enforcement - the firm but kind way
Evictions for non-payment- and how to get the resident to pay all the costs (as laws permit).
Mediation for rule violations
Criminal activity removal
Organizing files and systems to keep things in the office and grounds running smoothly… or smoother than they were before
Maintenance staff and tool organization, got a plan? lets work a plan
Team building - morale gets low some times, so there are easy ways to perk it up
Resident Morale Building - to facilitate cooperation
Effective Staff/Resident communications - how much is too much and how little is too little
Explaining health and safety expectations to residents effectively as well as training staff on what to look for to minimize crime targeting/pest infestations/safety hazards
Flipping mobile homes - demo and design - floors and up
Day to Day operations of mobile home parks - when I had a portfolio of 3, I managed 219 units, with no office help and an off site regional manager.
Petty cash and credit card spending and reconciling
Creating office forms, where they are needed and perhaps otherwise missing
Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, basic social media, and customer service
Advertising - what works and what kind of works in todays market
Running Background / Criminal checks
Handling and working with budgets
AP/AR…the basics… I am not an accountant
Maintaining Health and Safety Standards on property, this one is important so I said it twice
OSHA Basics
Certified Pool Operator - expires 2022 (I think its 5 years)
Due Diligence
Writing ad copy and newsletters so they are fun and interesting…this post got your attention didn’t it? We can be professional without being stuffy.
Professional writing - where stuffy and succinct gets the point across quicker to show you mean business. Particularly when sending correspondence directly to the residents that are not cooperating.
Event planning
WA laws - landlord tenant - kind of a big deal
and Listening… the most important job we have…besides collections and staying out of court…

My rates are reasonable if you are looking for help. I consult in Washington state but am willing to skype consult or travel to location to get boots on the ground.

Happy Mining everyone!

Barbra Menendez
teambarbra@gmail.com (2 a’s in barbra, not 3 - I’ll never get your email if you spell my name normally :slight_smile: )


What are your consulting rates?


Who all is excited for 2018? I am super excited!

Optimism, pass it on :grin:


I had posted them a few days back and would like to talk individually, I posted without considering something vitally important, the scope of what you might need. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss needs or wants for your properties.
All information is kept confidential and feel free to pass my info to others that might be able to use my help.
Have a great day!