Tucson, AZ...Possible partnerships

Hi Everyone!

After attending several multifamily investor bootcamps and spending countless hours researching I’ve decided the best course of action for me to take is to pick a specific marketplace and go all in. That being said, Tucson, AZ is my target. In the upcoming weeks I’ll be working to develop relationships with brokers, attorneys, PMs, Insurance agents, contractors, etc. Initially, I wanted to purchase my first park alone but realized that the possibilities are endless with the right partner/partners. I’m looking for medium-large parks $3-4M. If anyone is interested in a JV or has info on the Tucson market I’d love to hear from you!

Hi. Congrats on taking the plunge! I work on a nationwide brokerage team specializing in MHCs. I’d recommend contacting my primary broker - Derek Harris. He specializes in Arizona and knows the Tucson market. He may have some ideas for you. harri5.com


Thank you Anna! I will call him today. Planning a trip to Tucson Feb. 11!

How did you choose Tuscon?

Tucson is a great market for mobile home parks and it’s relatively close to my home in San Diego. However, the barriers to entry in that market are vast so I started looking at other markets all over the country.

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Hi, Im looking at the Tucson Market too. Have you acquired any yet?
Arizona in general has my interest.

Hey @bciuchta I am from Tucson and now reside in the Phoenix MSA. Tucson is one of the markets I am actively pursuing with others in the midwest and SE. Would be great to chat and explore opportunities.


What barriers are you talking about?

Tucson is one of those markets that everyone wants to be in. That alone makes it difficult. A lot of brokers tell owners they can get them a ridiculous price which only gives sellers unrealistic expectations. Many brokers won’t give you the time of day if you don’t have 1031 money you’re willing to put into an overpriced deal. That means the only effective way to find deals that pencil out is to beat the streets, hit the phones and outwork the competition.

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