Trouble with Park models or Tiny Homes in CA

The rules and regs around park model homes don’t seem to be well tested.

I’d love to build some Park Model homes on joists and skids instead of wheels and a trailer frame. It’s much cheaper to build that way and they would still be relatively easy to move (in the off chance that we ever move it).

Anyone out there knowledgeable on the subject through tested experience?

Thank you! Will

Unless you are going to setup a manufacturing facility with HUD approved designs, I don’t see how you will install the homes. They will not have HUD tags, so they will not be able to be legally placed in most jurisdictions.

If you build on site, the local building department may want you to pull permits, which may subject you to the restrictions of site built homes.

If you “manufacture” on site, you may be doing “manufacturing” operations, which generally is restricted to industrial zoning.

Lastly, you can buy a 3/2 for $25k. How can you compete with this when the manufacturers have efficient processes and volume purchasing?

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Wilbus - What you are describing , that you would like to build, is a Tiny Home. Tiny Homes can not legally be installed in California parks.

Park Models are legally RVs and there is plenty of legislation concerning them.


Right. I think what I’m looking for are RVIA compliant Park Model homes that don’t have to be on wheels. A Park Model that can be places on skids or another type of non-permanent surface to cut the price by $10,000 (the trailer and wheels and axle, which is not necessary for this “temporary” structure). Have you heard of any Park Models without wheels?