Tree Removal Pricing


Does anyone have an opinion on this pricing? Got him down from 4500. Decent sized trees. Thank you.


If the trees are in open fields (or can fell them safely away from homes) look at using a hydro axe or mulching contractor to do the work. They will cut the tree down and then run it over using a bobcat with a mulching attachment. It grinds up to 30-36 inch trees down to pulp if they have a good attachment on their machine. I had this done for 5 trees and 10 stumps - $1000 and 4 hours. The stumps are low enough off the ground you can mow over them without problems. I didn’t have any mobile homes nearby which kept the cost down…

For small jobs where a mulcher is not feasible I am used to paying 50-75 per stump, and if legally possible burn the tree debris. It’s tough to gauge tree removal prices without photos since it depends on their size and proximity to the homes.


Tree removal cost is entirely relative to the tree size and location (trees surrounded by buildings are much harder to remove), so we can’t evaluate a bid based on a quote alone.

I would get multiple bids and compare them. I’ve had good luck with


I was going to give a simple answer of seems reasonable to me :slight_smile: OP said decent size trees know thats subjective but I know if the vendor we use quoted us this would give him the go ahead.

Make sure they are insured , pref with you as an additional insured, cutting big trees around homes…