Transport from Ohio to Michigan


I have a 1980’s home that is really good condition that I need to have moved 250 miles from Wapakoneta, OHIO to Bay City, MICHIGAN. So the movers must be able to move in two states and are able to move used homes. I have done a lot of digging and have come up with nothing. Does anyone know of any movers that can make this move happen???


You will have two hire two sets of movers that hand off at state lines, and they will be licensed in their respective states.


I used to find used homes for a guy that was moving the homes from Ohio to Iowa. He used one mover for the whole move.
They were Cripe Mobile Home Transport out of Laketon IN. Sorry I don’t have a phone number.
Best Wishes.


Hey Corey. Just curious how much did you pay for the mobile home. Is it 3/2 or 3/1? I am actually buying a park in Wapakoneta (Colonial Estates MHP) :slight_smile:


Call me 989-313-7829